Give the Gift of Travel

How Our Gift Cards Work
What is Scott's Cheap Flights?
Scott's Cheap Flights is a subscription service that notifies members when flights from their airports go on sale so they can snag the deal (direct with the airline in most cases) and never overpay for flights.
Only Premium members get our best deals, including domestic deals, deals for peak travel seasons like summer and Christmas, and even occasional business class deals.
Every deal we send is vetted using the Bestie Test; we don't send deals that are super last-minute, with multiple long layover, or on shady airlines.
What is an SCF gift card?
Stuck for a gift idea? Why not take the pressure off and give the gift of travel? We offer e-gift cards that allow you to gift Premium to your friends and family members for 1, 2, or 5 year durations.
How do I purchase an SCF gift card?
All you have to do is head to our gift card page, select a duration, fill out the recipient's details and add a personal message. Job done!
How will the gift card be delivered to the recipient?
During checkout you'll enter the email address where you want the gift card sent. The gift card can be emailed directly to your recipient, or you can email it to yourself and then forward it to the recipient.
Is the gift card delivered immediately?
You can choose to have the gift card sent to the recipient immediately, or you can schedule it for a later date.
I'm new to the site, how do I redeem my SCF gift card?
Please visit this page to redeem your gift card. You’ll need your code from the email that was sent to you when you received the gift card.
Can I pause my gifted membership?
Once you apply the gift card to your membership, your membership cannot be paused. Since our gift cards do not expire, we'd recommend waiting to redeem your gift card until you're ready to start planning travel.
I'm a Limited (free) member, how do I redeem my SCF gift card?
When you're ready to redeem your SCF gift card, visit our redemption page with your gift card code, and we’ll get you set up with a Premium membership.
Is there a limit to how many years of Premium I can redeem with my SCF gift card?
Yes. You can currently redeem up to 10 years of membership time.
I'm a Premium member, how do I redeem my SCF gift card?
When you're ready to redeem your SCF gift card, visit our redemption page with your gift card code, and we’ll get your gifted time added to your membership.
Will my gift card expire or decrease in value?
No. SCF gift cards will never expire and are never subject to additional fees.
Can I redeem a few months at a time?
No. The entire duration of your gift card will start the day you redeem.
Can I return my SCF gift card or exchange it for cash?
Sorry. SCF gift cards are non-refundable.
Can I give my SCF gift card to someone else?
Yes. Please contact the Member Success Team if you'd like to re-gift your gift card to someone else.
How do I ensure my membership will continue after my SCF gift card expires?
Log into your SCF account and head to the Billing page. From there, you can enter your payment details to keep your Premium membership after your gift membership expires.
I lost/deleted my gift card confirmation email. How do I redeem my gift card?
We can help with that! Please contact the Member Success Team from the email address associated with your gift card.