Help us build the future of travel.

We're a small team of travel aficionados working to help people travel and experience the world.

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Work from wherever your heart desires.

Join a 100% remote company. Work from the comfort of your couch or at a coffee shop with team members located all over the US.

Perks & Benefits

We believe that by taking care of our team, our team will take care of our members.

100% Remote Company

Scott's Cheap Flights is a fully remote company.

Mandatory minimum vacation

Rest and recharge with unlimited paid time off. We encourage everyone to take at least 3 weeks off per year.

Stock options for everyone

When the company does well, you do well.

401(k) with 5% match

Save for retirement with your contributions matched up to 5% of compensation.

Top-tier health, vision and dental

Get comprehensive health care for you, your family, and dependents.

Generous paid family leave

Take up to 12 weeks off at full pay to bond with your baby and care for your family.

Continuing education

Get reimbursed for books, seminars, conferences, workshops, and webinars related to your role.

Take your birthday off

Treat yourself to a day off on your special day.

Full company retreat twice a year

Twice a year, we all meet up for an all expenses paid retreat and guaranteed good time.

Wellness stipend

Stay physically and mentally healthy with a $75/month credit to focus on your health.

Live Your Best Work Life

Expense up to $500 per quarter for the office or technology equipment that will help you do your best work.

Flex Friday

While we expect a 40-hour work week and for at least 32 of those hours to occur Monday-Thursday, you have the option to adjust your schedule or be completely offline on Fridays.

Time off to volunteer

Take a full day or two half-days off to volunteer and support an organization you feel strongly about.

Meet up meals

Meeting up with a team member for the first time? Have a meal on us!

Our Spring Retreat 2022

In the spring of 2022 we took a trip to good ole Charleston, South Carolina to hang out, team build and go on some wild adventures.

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Our Core Values

Take ownership

We value a bias for taking action and delivering commitments and we have trust in our teammates to do so.

Continually Improve

We find ways to improve each and every day, no matter how small the improvement.

Do more with less

We encourage resourcefulness and creativity when solving problems and delivering value to our members.

Be human

We encourage questions, discourage groupthink, and value each other’s and our members’ humanity.

Our hiring process

You'll go through our recruiting process in the following order, with each subsequent step coming after you've successfully passed the previous. Certain positions might have small variations in the steps, but most will have processes that are very similar to the below. We strive to let each applicant know the status of their candidacy.

Application Review

This is your introduction. You'll answer several role-specific questions that will showcase how your background potentially aligns with our hiring criteria, and you'll provide a resume to demonstrate the work you've done elsewhere.

Phone Call

You'll have a 30-minute call to discuss a high-level overview of your experience. You will verbally dive into your accomplishments, skills, and characteristics, and you will learn more about the role, the challenges it solves, and what working on the team might look like.

Skills Assessment

You'll complete a skills assessment that takes anywhere from 1-4 hours, that demonstrates how you think about and communicate solutions to real problems you would be solving. We’ll give you the criteria that your assignment will be evaluated against and your work will never be used by us.

Video Interviews

On a series of video interviews, you'll do a deep dive into your hard skills that are directly related to the role and demonstrate your acumen in your domain. These strategic conversations are with folks whom you'd be working alongside and cross-collaboratively with.

Reference Checks

You'll provide us with past or present colleagues' contact information: subordinates, peers, and superiors (depending on the role you are applying for). These folks will provide us with an outside perspective on performance and working style.


You have wowed us and we are thinking this could be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship. We will give you an offer and benefits package that is highly competitive in the market, and we truly hope that you'll accept!

Open Positions

Associate Product Operations Specialist
Remote (USA timezones)
Company Spokesperson
Remote (USA timezones)
Talent Acquisition Manager
Remote (USA timezones)
Member Success
Director, Member Success
Remote (USA timezones)

We’d like to meet
your network

We’re a fast-growing technology company on the hunt for greatness—specifically a VP of Product. Refer qualified candidates from your network. If we hire them, we’ll reward you with $10,000.

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Andrew Hickey
Senior Public Relations Manager

“I love saving millions of people hundreds of dollars on flights so they can see more of the world for less, and I absolutely adore all the team members here. Such a diverse group of talented, selfless, and hardworking people.”

Deionna Edmunds
Senior UA Specialist

“I love the way creativity and individuality is encouraged and celebrated at Scott’s Cheap Flights. I feel extremely lucky to have found my place on such an incredible team that works so hard to help more people travel and see the world!”

Rob Jenkins
Senior Backend Engineer

“Eight months into my time here at SCF, I'm still amazed at how talented every person I've met here is and how much I like each of them.”

Kristen Gluch
Social Media Manager

“I love our mission of making travel more accessible for people who may have written off traveling as being too cost prohibitive. Every day I see our members in new, exciting places, which is a direct result of our work, and that feels amazing. Not only are we impacting the world in such a positive way, but I get to do it with the coolest group of people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. I don't know many Social Media Managers who can say that they have autonomy, great work-life balance, and space to explore new concepts and ideas –this goes to show how special SCF is!”

Zainab Lodi
UX Researcher

“In Vicki Robin's book on financial independence, she writes, ‘The perfect work life would offer enough challenge to be interesting. Enough ease to be enjoyable. Enough camaraderie to be nourishing. Enough solitude to be productive. Enough hours at work to get the job done. Enough leisure to feel refreshed. Enough contribution to feel needed. Enough silliness to have fun. And enough money to pay the bills...and then some.’ SCF is the first place I've ever worked that checks every single box, and the first place I've ever thought to myself: ‘This could be it. I could spend the rest of my career here.’ ”

Laura Cissell-Wyberneit
Sr. Data Analyst

"If you spend any time reviewing industry norms on the relationship between data teams and engineering teams, you'll find that relationship is often very contentious. It has been both a relief and joy to work with engineers who approach this relationship from a position of collaboration and partnership."