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The Bestie Test

When flight experts at Scott’s Cheap Flights scour potential deals, they’re not just looking for something extraordinarily cheap. The flights also have to be good. That’s why we developed the Bestie Test—is it a flight that’s both cheap and good enough for your best friend?

The Checklist

Cheap fare

Not just $50 savings. The deals we send save an average of $550 off normal international flights and $200 off normal domestic flights

Good routing

Minimizing total travel time, and ideally nonstop

Convenient layovers when there is a connection

Either short layovers or long daytime ones so you have plenty of time to get out of the airport and explore the connecting city before your onward flight.

Good airline

We don’t send out deals on budget airlines with poor customer ratings like Spirit, etc.

Not last-minute

None of the deals we send are only available last-minute


Here is an example of a flight that passes the Bestie Test vs a flight that fails.

Flight A

Route: LAX–Tokyo
Price: $425 roundtrip
Connections: Nonstop
Travel time: 11 hours

Flight B

Route: LAX–Tokyo
Price: $425 roundtrip
Connections: 4 stops
Travel time: 57 hours

We’d absolutely send Flight A to our best friends, and as such we’d send it to SCF members. Flight B, with that many stops and that much flying time, is a scented trashbag. Would not send it.