By Scott Keyes
Founder & Chief Flight Expert
March 13, 2020

Hey everyone, Scott here.

I’m sure folks have a lot of questions about travel right now, so I wanted to reach out personally (yes, Scott is really typing this) and keep you in the loop on how we’re thinking about flight deals during this viral outbreak.

I earnestly love this traveling community we’ve built together, and every decision we make about which deals to send, which deals not to send, and what information will be helpful is made with you all in mind.

We know a lot of folks have questions about the risks of traveling (both to themselves and at-risk people in their communities) and the financial stress of canceling plans. At the same time, for me and for many of us, thinking about vacation is an escape from daily anxieties, and boy there’s a lot of those right now. I’ve heard from so many of you that in times like these, dreaming about future travels is cathartic. It certainly is for me.

While specifics could change—I don’t want to pretend like we can see the future of coronavirus and its impact—for now here’s the approach we’re taking to continue being helpful for Scott’s Cheap Flights members:

1. We're going to only send deals for travel at least 3-4 months down the line.

We’ve never sent deals that are only last minute, but given the circumstances, we’re going to prioritize deals for travel further in the future.

2. We'll put a heavy emphasis on deals that waive change and/or cancellation fees so you can be flexible.

Many airlines (United, American, Delta, etc.) are waiving change fees, and we love that. After all, many of us are worried at the moment about making travel plans that may have to change, but we also hate to miss an amazingly cheap flight. We’ll prioritize deals with flexibility and pass along the fine print (exact parameters vary airline to airline) so you can decide if a deal is right for you.

>> Visit our coronavirus resource page for an extensive list of airlines offering free changes for new bookings.

3. We'll continually update our coronavirus resource page for you to lean on as you make your plans.

We’ve pulled together resources to help give you guidance on COVID-19 and travel. This includes WHO recommendations, advice on staying safe and healthy, information on cancellations and refunds, and suggestions to help you decide what’s best for you. (While travel is deeply personal, viruses are communal. Even if you’re low-risk, we should all be taking steps to minimize risk of transmission.)

4. We’re listening and want to hear from you.

I love you all and want to do my best to answer as many of your questions as I can. For at least the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting Twitter AMAs, Facebook Lives, and other Q&As, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions on Facebook and Twitter.

Be safe, take care of each other, wash those hands, and remember that your SCF family cares about you. Scott’s Cheap Flights is 100% supported by members, and the team and I are infinitely grateful to you for being a part of this.