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The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of February 2019

Katie Hammel
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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April 10, 2019

February may be the shortest month of the year, but that didn’t stop us from sending out nearly 700 deals to Premium members of Scott’s Cheap Flights in the last 28 days (mic drop). Here are the best cheap flight deals we sent to Premium members in February 2019. Note: all fares listed are for roundtrip flights.

20. Tunis to São Paulo in the $600s

Regular price: $1000+

This was the first time we’ve sent a deal from Tunis to Brazil, so we were pretty excited about it. Good for travel March–June and Nov–Dec 2019, this deal included long layovers in Rio on some routes, so you could add some time in a second city on the way.

19. Cambodia or Myanmar to New Zealand in the $400s

Regular price: $1,000

This deal saw fares from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, or Yangon drop to less than half the usual price for to Auckland or Christchurch in May and June 2019. Bonus: flights from Cambodia could be booked open jaw, flying into Auckland and out of Christchurch (or vice versa).

18. Windhoek to Europe in the $500s

Regular price: $900

Valid for travel Feb–June and Sept–Oct 2019, this deal was good for flights from the capital of Namibia to several cities in Europe, including Dublin, Istanbul, Moscow, Rome, and Nice.

17. Hanoi to London for $445

Regular price: $850+

This deal, good for travel in late February and March 2019, had the lowest prices we’ve ever seen from Vietnam to London. We predicted flights to London would be cheaper this year, and so far 2019 is bringing it.

16. Sydney to Moscow for $464

Regular price: $1,400

This mistake fare, good for travel in June 2019, was a price drop of more than 60% off usual prices. Not too shabby for a summer trip to Russia’s capital.  


15. San Juan, St. Croix, or St. Thomas to Sydney or Melbourne in the $600s

Regular price: $1,500

Availability on this deal varied by route but the price—less than half the usual fare—was generally good for travel Feb–Nov 2019 (with reduced availability in July and Aug).

14 Mexico City to Barcelona for $10,610 MXN

Regular price: $20,000 MXN

This deal, good for travel Aug–Nov 2019, including peak summer dates, saw the price of nonstop flights from Mexico City to Barcelona drop by nearly half.

13. Rio de Janeiro to Germany for R$1.537

Regular price: R$3.000

With wide availability from March 2019–Jan 2020, this deal to Munich or Frankfurt was a great one. Even better: that availability included peak summer, Christmas and New New Year's Eve.

12. US east coast to the Azores in the $500s

Regular price: $1,000+

The Azores have become a hot destination and we think this spicy deal is one of many more to come. Good for travel May through August—yes, peak summer travel time—it saw fares from Baltimore, Burlington, DC, and Richmond at about half their usual price.

11. US to Cambodia in the $500s/$600s

Regular price: $1,200+

Deals to Cambodia rarely come up and this was a great one, with many routes on 5-star Asiana Airlines and ANA. Flights to Phnom Penh from Denver, LA, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, and Raleigh/Durham ranged from $546 to $617 and fares were valid for travel Feb–May 2019 and Aug 2019–Jan 2020, including Thanksgiving but excluding Xmas/NYE.


10. Budapest to Shanghai direct for €170

Regular price: €700

This mistake fare, good for travel June–Dec 2019 was less than a quarter of the usual fare. And nonstop to boot.

9. Los Angeles or San Francisco to Seoul for $484

Regular price: $1,000+

Seoul deals don’t come around often. This one, for less than half the usual cost, was valid for travel March–May and Sept–Dec 2019, including Thanksgiving.

8. Oslo to Ecuador in Premium Economy for low €400s

Regular price: €1,600

Good for travel March–Dec 2019, these fares were about a quarter of the usual cost for Premium economy from Norway to Ecuador, with flights to Quito at €407 and Guayaquil at €416.

7. Atlanta to Guatemala or Panama in the $200s

Regular price: $650+

We haven’t seen prices like this on these routes in a few months, so we were excited to spot this deal. Good for travel Feb–May 2019, prices to Guatemala City and Panama City were less than half the usual fare.

6. Thessaloniki to NYC for €122

Regular price: €600

Good for travel in June from the Greek port city of Thessaloniki to New York, this crazy-good mistake fare saw prices slashed to among the lowest we’ve seen for a trip across the Atlantic.


5. Central America to Europe in the $500s/$600s

Regular: $900+

This widespread deal was good for travel from several Central American cities, including Belize City, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, San Jose, Panama City, Liberia, and Guatemala City, to Amsterdam, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, and Paris. While availability varied by route, it was generally good for travel Feb–Nov 2019, excluding July and August.

4. US to Japan in the $500s/$600s

Regular price: $1,200+

This rare, widespread deal saw prices drop by about half from a half-dozen US cities, such as LA, NYC, Chicago, Portland, and Vegas, to Tokyo or Osaka. Availability varied by route but the fare was generally good for travel Feb–April and Sept–Nov 2019, including cherry blossom season.

3. Midwest and southern US to Slovenia in the $400s/$500s

Regular price: $950+

Good for travel late Oct–Dec 2019, including Thanksgiving, this deal saw prices to Slovenia drop by about half from cities in the midwest—including Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Detroit, and Minneapolis—as well as Charlotte and Atlanta.

2. Paris to Beijing in Business Class for €563

Regular price: €2,500

We love mistake fares, and this was an awesome one, good for travel March–Nov 2019. Even better than flying from France to China for 75% off the usual price: doing so in business class.

1. US/Canada to New Zealand for $600s/$700s

Regular price: $1,200+

One of the most widespread deals we've sent to New Zealand, this deal had peak summer, Christmas, and New Year's Eve availability, and dozens of routes to choose from. Departure cities included Calgary, Edmonton, Honolulu, Houston, LA, San Francisco, and Vancouver to destinations all over New Zealand, such as Auckland, Queenstown, Rotorua, Taupo, Wellington, and Christchurch.

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Last Updated 
February 28, 2019
The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of February 2019
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Katie has been to 30 countries, including multiple repeats to her favorite places: Iceland, France, Germany, and Argentina. She prefers markets to museums, hates cucumbers, and once slept the entire duration of an 8-hour flight. Originally from Detroit, she lived in Seattle and Chicago before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their two strange cats.

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