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The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of January 2019

Katie Hammel
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager
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January 31, 2019

We were gonna make a joke about sending so many hot deals in a cold month, but half of North America is colder than Antarctica right now, so it just felt too mean. Suffice to say, the year is off to a great start for airfare deals.

Here are the best cheap flights we sent to Premium members in January 2019.

20. Malabo to Madrid for $400

Regular price: $900+

Not only is “Malabo to Madrid” just fun to say, this deal saw usual prices drop by more than half for travel Feb–March 2019 from the capital of Equatorial Guinea to the capital of Spain.

19. DC or LA to the Seychelles for $688

Regular price: $1,500

While we predicted more cheap flights to the Seychelles from London in 2019, great fares from the US are still extremely rare. These were good for travel Jan–April 2019 from either coast at less than half the usual price.

18. Mexico to Africa or the Middle East for $12,000 MXN

Regular price: $20,000 MXN

This deal, good for travel Feb–June 2019, saw prices from Cancun and Mexico City drop to destinations all around the Middle East and northern Africa, including Tunis, Muscat, Doha, Addis Ababa, and Tel Aviv.

17. Mauritius direct to Munich for $428

Regular price: $1,000+

Nonstop from the Indian Ocean to Bavaria for under $500? We’ll take it. These fares for travel Jan–April 2019 were less than half their usual cost.  


16. Los Angeles to Tasmania for $504

Regular price: $1,200+

Tasmania deals are rare, and this was a great one, good for travel Feb–Sept and Nov–Dec 2019, with prices at more than 50% off typical fares. Member Rachel B. let us know she snagged the deal and will be exploring the island by campervan.

15. Northern Africa to Asia in the $400s/$500s

Regular price: $1,000+

This widespread deal was good for a large span of dates (Feb–June and Sept–Nov 2019) and more than a dozen cities on both continents. Some highlights: Alexandria to Bangkok for $423, Cairo to Hong Kong for $405, and Tunis to Kuala Lumpur for $533.

14. Tel Aviv to South America in the $500s

Regular price: $1,100

Good for travel Feb–March 2019, this deal from Tel Aviv included both major hubs like Buenos Aires and Santiago, and some rare cities like Asuncion, Bariloche, Montevideo, and even Ushuaia, the jumping-off point for cruises to Antarctica.

13. Charlotte, Miami, or New York to Cyprus in the $400s/$500s

Regular price: $1,000

Located south of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus isn’t easy to reach—and we rarely see cheap flights there. This deal saw prices drop by more than 50% for travel during the off-peak months of Jan–March and Oct–Dec 2019. Member Kylie M. said she grabbed the deal for a trip with her boyfriend in November.

12. New Zealand to Kathmandu or New Delhi in the $600s/$700s

Regular price: $1,200

Some of the best prices we’ve seen from New Zealand to South Asia, these fares were half their usual cost, good for travel May–June 2019, and included a stop in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

11. San Juan to São Paulo for $478

Regular price: $900

Deals from Puerto Rico to Brazil are rare. Even more rare: deals valid during the Brazilian festival of Carnival. This deal for travel Feb–May 2019 included the Carnival dates of March 1-9.


10. Seoul to Amsterdam or Frankfurt in the $300s

Regular price: $700

At less than half off the usual fare, this was the lowest price we’ve seen from Seoul to Europe. This deal was good for travel Feb–June 2019 on China Southern.

9. Europe to Johannesburg in the €200s/€300s

Regular price: €650+

This mistake fare was good for travel Feb–April 2019 to South Africa from all over Western Europe, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Munich, Paris, and Venice.

8. Entebbe to Auckland or Sydney in Business Class in the $1500s

Regular price: $5,000

Another awesome mistake fare, this business class deal was good for travel Jan–May 2019 from Uganda to Auckland or Sydney with a stop in Doha or Qatar. Member Ani V. emailed to tell us she booked the deal for her whole family of four!

7. Bogota, Medellin, Lima, or Quito to Madrid in the $200s/$300s

Regular price: $900

More mistake fare goodness, this time for travel to Madrid from a handful of cities in Central and South America, with dates of March–May 2019 on Avianca.

6. London or Madrid to Latin America in the €200s/€300s

Regular price: €750+

Valid for travel Feb–May 2019, this mistake fare covered nearly a dozen destinations in Latin America, such as Lima, Quito, Cusco, and Cartagena, including some direct routes.

Galapagos seal

5. Miami to the Galapagos for $540

Regular price: $1,200

Galapagos deals are rare—we haven’t seen once since June—and this one was a stunner, with fares for Feb—Dec at less than half the usual cost from Miami to San Cristóbal.

4. Southeast Asia to North America in Business Class for $699–$1,178

Regular price: $4,000

This stellar business class mistake fare for travel Jan–Nov 2019 saw prices drop by as much as 83% for lie-flat luxury from Southeast Asia to the US and Canada on 5-star Cathay Pacific. Among the cheapest routes were from Da Nang, Vietnam: $699 to NYC or $786 to Vancouver.

3. All over the US to Alaska in the $200s

Regular price: $550+

We’ve been waiting a while for a great deal to Alaska and this one came in just under the wire on January 28, with great deals to Fairbanks and Anchorage from Boise, Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Vancouver, and several smaller hubs. Member Kelly S. is taking the family for Spring Break. "Yay, our first purchase!  We are a family of four flying to Anchorage from Seattle for only $775. We've been looking at prices for years and this is by far the cheapest we've ever seen."

2. Spain to Boston, NYC, or LA in Business Class in the €400s

Regular price: €1,500+

What’s better than a mistake fare? A mistake fare in biz class. This one, valid for travel March–May 2019, saw prices drop by nearly 75% for fares from Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia to Boston, LA, or NYC.

1. US to South America in the $200s/$300s

Regular price: $950+

It's clear we love a good mistake fare. And we really love mistake fares with lots of availability and routing. This one, with dates from Feb–Nov 2019 depending on route, covered a range of city combinations, like LA to Bogota for $290, NYC to Buenos Aires for $236, Chicago to Lima for $216, and Miami to Santiago for $192.

Member Gwen R. let us know she booked it, and shared this sweet story: "I cannot tell you how excited I was to book five tickets to Santiago, Chile for my family over Thanksgiving. I studied abroad in Valparaiso, Chile 20 years ago and have been wanting to return ever since.  I'm thrilled to be taking my husband and three kids to see the country I fell in love with 20 years ago. It wouldn't have happened without your help!"

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Last Updated 
January 31, 2019
The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of January 2019
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Katie has been to 30 countries, including multiple repeats to her favorite places: Iceland, France, Germany, and Argentina. She prefers markets to museums, hates cucumbers, and once slept the entire duration of an 8-hour flight. Originally from Detroit, she lived in Seattle and Chicago before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their two strange cats.

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