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The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of 2019

Scott Keyes
Scott Keyes
Founder & Chief Flight Expert
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January 16, 2020

It’s been a big year at Scott’s Cheap Flights.

In 2019, we sent more than 7,000 emails alerting members to cheap flights and mistake fares around the world, to destinations well-known and off the tourist path. We saw some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on some routes, and we found cheap flights to Goa, Accra, Dakar, and Kosovo for the very first time this year. 

And, every day, we heard from members who’d snagged cheap flights for engagement trips, family trips, anniversary trips, birthday trips, and more.

Here are the 20 best cheap flight deals we sent in 2019. Note that all prices below are roundtrip.  

20. Rome for $239

Regular price: $850+
Departure city: Los Angeles

It’s always great when we find a fare to Europe for less than $250, and this deal was no exception. Good for travel November 2019–March 2020 (excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s), on American, British Airways, or Finnair, this deal was a savings of about 75% on usual fares.

19. Guadalajara in business class for $271

Regular price: $1,000
Departure city: Los Angeles 

We love a good business class deal and this one (sent in June for travel dates August 2019–January 2020) saw prices on United drop more than 70% off the usual fare. While the lowest prices were out of LAX, we also found great deals departing from Ontario (ONT) and Sacramento (SMF) to the capital of Jalisco. 

18. Phnom Penh for $552 

Regular price: $1,300
Departure cities: DC and Philadelphia

Spicy deals to Cambodia don’t come around that often, and this deal was made even better by the fact that it was on five-star airline Qatar Airways. This deal, good for travel September–November 2019 and January–May 2020, including Thanksgiving, was a savings of more than 60% off of the usual fares. 

Member Nina K. scooped up this one: “I booked this round trip flight from Denver!! I’ve been waiting for a good deal to Southeast Asia from here and I’m SO EXCITED. Thank you so much for making a huge dream come true!”

17. Seychelles for $649-$685

Regular price: $1,600+
Departure cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and DC

The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, aren’t easy to get to and deals are rare. Sent in August, this deal was good for travel dates from October 2019–March 2020, including Thanksgiving, on Air France and Delta, and saw the usual price drop by more than half. 

Member Cerie H. told us she booked for her family: “Thanks to y'all, my family will be having another epic spring break! 2019 found us in Beijing and Shanghai with your amazing deal of $374RT from Austin and in 2020 we'll be spending it in the Seychelles for only $649RT from Houston!”

16. Belgrade nonstop for $193 

Regular price: $950
Departure city: New York City

Nonstop roundtrip flights to Serbia for less than $200? Yes. Please. This mistake fare, sent in October for flights in late March–April 2020, didn’t last long, but we heard from several members who were able to snag it quickly and fly to the Serbian capital for an unheard of fare. Deals to this part of the Balkans aren’t common but this incredible deal shaved nearly 80% off the usual fares.  

Member Grace P. let us know she snagged this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it deal: “Got it! I'll be hitting up Serbia in mid-April 2020 thanks to you guys.”

15. South America in business class in the $600s/$700s 

Regular price: $2,000
Departure city: New York City

Another spicy biz class deal, this one saw prices from JFK to Buenos Aires, Lima, La Paz, Cuzco, and Santa Cruz drop by more than half from their usual price to under $700 on Avianca. The deal was sent in January and was good for flights from January–June and September–December 2019.

screenshot of deal to South America

14. New Delhi and Singapore for $369  

Regular price: $1,200+
Departure city: New York City

We love a 2-in-1 deal, and this multi-city gem saw prices drop by 70% from their typical cost. Good for travel on ANA, Singapore Airlines, and United from January–May 2020, the deal allowed travelers to see two cities on one trip, and at far less than the usual cost just to visit one. 

Member Bridget B. let us know she grabbed this deal, and it wasn’t her first: “My boyfriend and I got this deal direct from Seattle where we live! I'm so excited! It's such an insane deal! Thanks for a great service! We also booked a deal from PDX to Japan from Scott's Cheap Flights, and went this April.”

13. Tahiti for $486 

Regular price: $1,500
Departure cities: Chicago, Denver, DC, or Houston

In March we found this amazing deal—with availability over Christmas no less—for less than a third of the usual price. The fares, available departing from four different cities on Delta or Air France, were good for travel from March 2019–January 2020, including peak summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

Member Gretchen S. nabbed the deal: “Got three tickets basically for the price of one, from three different airports. Thank you, thank you. The premium level definitely paid for itself.”

12. Australia or New Zealand for $564-$614 

Regular price: $1,200
Departure cities: Los Angeles or San Francisco

These flights on China Southern shaved about half off the cost of usual prices for travel February–May 2020. Fares were good for flights from LAX to Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth or from SFO to Melbourne or Perth, and some included a long layover with time to explore the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

11. Alaska in the $200s    

Regular price: $550+
Departure cities: Boise, Detroit, Eugene, Medford, Minneapolis, Pasco, Portland, Redmond, Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Spokane

Back in January, we found this hot deal on Alaska or Delta, good for travel to Anchorage or Fairbanks from February–early December 2019, at about half the usual fare. 

Member Amy E. snagged a flight as a treat for herself: “Booked a trip to Fairbanks in January for the 'real' Alaska experience and my 40th birthday. Thanks for finding me the cheap ticket!”

10. Fiji nonstop for $396 

Regular price: $1,400
Departure cities: Los Angeles or San Francisco

Nonstop to the South Pacific for less than the cost of a cross-country domestic flight. In March, we found this spectacular mistake fare on Fiji Airways (good for travel April–early June 2019) that saw prices on direct flights from two major California cities to Fiji drop to about 20% of their usual cost. 

screenshot of deal to Fiji.

9. Tokyo nonstop for $569   

Regular price: $1,400
Departure cities: NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Portland, or Seattle

We saw a flurry of Japan deals this year, starting in May 2019 with this fantastic nonstop fare to Tokyo. A savings of more than 60%, fares were valid for travel September 2019–April 2020, including cherry blossom season (late March through April) on American, Delta, and Japan Airlines. 

Member Macy B. shared her score: “I’m still in shock because of how affordable they were. Oh and did I mention it’s a nonstop flight? Which means no layovers or connecting flights, might as well call me princess while you’re at it.”

8. Greek Islands for $519-$596 

Regular price: $1,200
Departure cities: Dallas, Phoenix, San Francisco, and DC

Deals to the islands don’t come around often, so this one we sent in October (good for travel April–May and August–September 2020 on American, British Airways, Finnair) was worth getting excited about. Destinations included the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, and Rhodes. 

7. Barcelona nonstop for $177

Regular price: $850
Departure city: Boston

We’ve seen a big increase in the frequency of deals to Spain this year, like $198 nonstop from NYC and prices in the $200s and $300s from Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, Raleigh, and West Palm Beach. This stellar deal, sent in December, saw prices drop to less than a quarter of their usual price travel on LEVEL from January–February 202

6. Austria and Germany for $200s/$300s 

Regular price: $850-$1,000
Departure cites: 100+ cities from Albany and Albuquerque to Worcester and Yuma

This oh-so-spicy deal, which we sent members in July, was good for flights from all over the US—including dozens of smaller airports—to Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, or Vienna. Availability varied by route but was generally good for travel September 2019–May 2020, including some Thanksgiving dates, on American Airlines and British Airways. 

Member Reyna M. snagged the deal from Milwaukee: “We just booked 9 tickets to Vienna for $303 each! Twenty years ago my husband and I met there working as service missionaries, and now we get

to bring our six kids back with us, along with our best friend—and we are so excited! This makes it possible for our large family to see the world!”

5. Europe for New Year’s Eve in the $300s/$400s 

Regular price: $1,200
Departure cities: 30 cities across the US

We regularly find deals to Europe from the US in the $300s and $400s, but what made this deal extra special were the travel dates, which included New Year’s Eve (and on some routes, Christmas as well). The deal was also special for its widespread availability with dozens of destinations and departure cities—including both major hubs and smaller departure airports like Indianapolis, Memphis, St. Louis, and Westchester. 

Member Paul D. booked the deal and made it a group trip: “We just booked JFK to Iceland from 12/30-1/10! $285 roundtrip. Told a bunch of other couples and now there’s 8 of us going!”

4. Seoul for $436-$460 

Regular price: $1,000
Departure cities: Los Angeles or San Francisco

Deals to Seoul are rare, so this one in the low $400s from Los Angeles or San Francisco was a great one. Sent in April, it was good for travel September–early December 2019, including Thanksgiving, on Hong Kong Airlines, and was a savings of about 60% off usual fares. 

Member Meg E. booked the trip for her birthday: “I've just booked SFO to Seoul for my birthday in May! My first solo trip and I could not be more excited! Thank you for flagging these fares for me.”

3. Kenya for $377

Regular price: $1,100
Departure city: New York City

One of the best fares we’ve even seen to Kenya, this Premium-only mistake fare saw prices plummet to under $400 for flights to western Kenya’s Eldoret (EDL) airport. Send in March, the deal was good for travel March–May 2019 on Kenya Airways. 

2. South America in the $200s/$300s     

Regular price: $950+
Departure cities: LA, Boston, Miami, NYC, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, and Orlando

We kicked off the year with a great mistake fare to South America with prices as low as $192. The best prices were from Miami to Santiago, Chicago to Lima, NYC to Buenos Aires, and Los Angeles to Bogotá but there were dozens of other city pairings, with destinations including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Sent in January, the deal was good for travel February–November 2019 on Avianca. 

screenshot of Hawaii deal.

1. Hawaii for $98-$220

Regular price: $600+
Departure cities: 16 cities in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Idaho, and Colorado

We knew that when Southwest finally launched its much-anticipated flights from California to Hawaii, prices would be good. We even put it on our list of places to go on cheap flights in 2019. When flights finally went on sale in the early morning of March 4, we were excited to see how incredible the fares were—and the ripple effect on prices to Hawaii from other cities as well. 

We quickly alerted Premium members to the crazy low prices of $98 roundtrip nonstop from Oakland, and under $220 from cities all over the West Coast. The deal was good for flights through May 2019 with a huge savings of more than 80% off the usual prices. 

Member Becca R. let us know she snagged two tickets to Honolulu from Salt Lake for $224 roundtrip, and Scott’s Cheap Flights employee Katie H. grabbed tickets from Oakland to Maui for $150 roundtrip. 

Snag flight deals like these and save up to 90% on travel with cheap flight alerts delivered to your inbox. And, if you’ve scored a great deal with Scott’s Cheap Flights, let us know!

Last Updated 
December 18, 2019
The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of 2019
Scott Keyes
Founder & Chief Flight Expert

Scott has traveled to 46 countries (and 46 states!), living in California, to Oaxaca, to Oregon. He’s left-handed, drinks five cups of tea daily, and holds a vendetta against the “Happy Birthday” song. On a dare, he once ate 13 hot dogs (and a bowl of Dippin’ Dots) at the ballpark. He grew up in Ohio and founded Scott’s Cheap Flights in a Denver coffee shop. Favorite airport: PDX.

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