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The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of 2018

Katie Hammel
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager
6 min read
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October 24, 2019

It’s been a big year at Scott’s Cheap Flights.

In 2018, we launched in Africa. Our membership numbers grew to 1.6 million. We sent more than 7,250 emails alerting members to cheap flights and mistake fares to amazing places around the world, to cities big and small, in destinations well known and a little less visited (Guinea, anyone?).

And, every day, we heard from members who’d snagged cheap flights for bucket-list trips, honeymoons, family trips, spring break trips, solo trips, and more.

Here are 20 of the best cheap flight deals we sent in 2018.

20. US to Vancouver (and vice-versa) in the $200s/$300s

Regular price: $550+

This dual-sided deal applied to both Canadians and their southern neighbors, with roundtrip flights between  Vancouver and more than 60 US airports in the $200s/$300s for November 2018 through May 2019.

Member Nate H. used it to see family: “I've been keeping an eye out for this one! My twin brother lives in Vancouver and I see him maybe once or twice a year. I just booked to see him in January for a weekend—$324 from Chicago with all fees and taxes! My membership just paid for itself!”

cheap flights to Vancouver

19. Kinshasa to Brussels for $221

Regular price: $700

We just launched fare alerts from African cities in October, but already we’ve sent out tons of great deal alerts, like this November mistake fare for roundtrip flights from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Brussels, Belgium, for $221 USD for travel January through June 2019.

18. Toronto to the Azores for $473

Regular Price $1,100 CAD

The Azores—an archipelago 900 miles (1,500 kms) off the coast of Portugal—has become a hot destination, and this spicy deal sent in November for travel December 2018 through April 2019 was a savings of more than half off the usual fare.

17. Rio de Janeiro to Amsterdam for R$1.298

Regular price: R$3.000

Valid for travel in November 2018 and January through February 2019, these roundtrip fares of R$1.298 (about $331 USD) were less than half of the usual price of travel from Rio to Amsterdam during these months.

16. New Zealand to Hong Kong in the $500s

Regular price: $1,000

Valid for flights from February through June 2019, these roundtrip fares from Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington to Hong Kong were half their usual price of around $1,000. Member Ryan W. let us know he jumped on the deal, snagging Wellington to Hong Kong for $546 NZD.

15. US to Iceland in the $200s/$300s

Regular price; $750+

Iceland deals come up frequently, but we rarely see prices this low from so many departure cities, so this November one was a doozy. It was valid for travel in January and February (hello, Northern Lights) as well as April, May, and June (hello, Midnight Sun) 2019 from cities on the East Coast and in the Midwest with roundtrip fares starting in the $200s.

Member Alicen M. snagged the deal: "I got this email and immediately jumped for joy! I booked a roundtrip flight from Columbus to Reykjavik for $278.81. Iceland has been on my dream list and this flight makes seeing the Northern Lights possible."

cheap flights to Iceland

14. Australia to New Zealand, Southeast Asia, or Hawaii in the $100s to $300s

Regular price: $400-$900

Sent in October, these fares were good for roundtrip flights from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast to Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown, New Zealand; Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; and Honolulu, Hawaii for travel February through September 2019.

Member Adam P. didn’t miss out: “Thanks to this email, we got tickets to BKK return from MEL for $325 AUD per person (including extras)!“

13. US to Brazil in the $500s

Regular price $1,000+

In November, prices from both coasts of the US (as well as a few cities in Canada) to nearly a dozen cities in Brazil, including São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, plummeted to the $500s roundtrip for travel January through May 2019. These kinds of prices to Brazil don’t come around often. There was even some availability for dates during the annual week-long festival of Carnival.

12. Los Angeles to Europe in the $200s/$300s

Regular price $850+

This November deal with fares to Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Geneva, and Luxembourg in the $200s and $300s roundtrip for winter and spring travel, was, well, a pretty big deal. We went so far as to call it “bonkers.”  

Member Jean B. agreed. “We booked this deal! Los Angeles to Berlin in April, with one stop in Paris, for $356 per person roundtrip. Amazing!”

11. Paris to Wellington for €253

Regular price: €1,200

Flying halfway around the world from France to New Zealand can be an expensive endeavor, but these roundtrip fares, which we found in April for travel in November, cost about one-quarter of the usual price.  

10. Portland to Tokyo for $377

Regular price: $1,000+

This mistake fare, sent to Premium members in April, was a screaming deal for travel January through March 2019, with no bag fees. Some routes even had long layovers in Honolulu.

Member Miska P. couldn’t resist. “I booked it for March. Had not even considered taking vacation at that time but the deal was too good to pass!”

mistake fare alert to Tokyo

9. London to Cook Islands in the £400s

Regular price £1,400

Found in June, this amazing fare was less than one-third of the usual price for travel in November 2018 and February 2019, and you could tack on New Zealand for just £40 extra, with no bag fees.

Member Adriana A. did just that: “I ended up booking London > Auckland > Rarotonga > London...two weeks in NZ and 10 days in the Cook Islands!”

8. Switzerland to Shanghai in the €100s

Regular price: €550

This mistake fare was sent to Premium members in August for travel October 2018 through April 2019. It was a great deal at less than 20% of the usual price for flights from Basel, Zurich, or Geneva to Shanghai.

7. Singapore to Okinawa for $44

Regular price: $500+

Sent in November, this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fare for nonstop flights from Singapore to Okinawa, Japan, was only $44 USD roundtrip (bags $20 extra) for travel January through April 2019, a whopping 90% off the usual price.

Member Joel F. acted fast: “Thanks for finding this deal. I managed to book it with no issue last night, but when I checked this morning out of curiosity, the promo fare was gone.”

6. Puerto Rico to Europe and North Africa in the $200s-$500s

Regular price $1,000+

In September, we found amazing fares from San Juan to destinations all over Europe and North Africa, including major hubs like Paris and Amsterdam, and smaller ones like Stuttgart, Kiev, and Split. Most destinations were in the $400s and $500s for travel October 2018 through April 2019, but Iceland was just $283 roundtrip.

5. Montreal to South Africa for $522

Regular price: $1,500

We’ve seen a slew of great fares from North America to Africa, including this November deal from Montreal to Johannesburg for $552 CAD (roundtrip, no bag fees) for travel in November 2018 and September 2019.

4. New York City to Nairobi for $242 (or Nairobi to NYC for $230)

Regular price: $1,000+

Another great mistake fare sent to Premium members in October, this nonstop flight between Nairobi, Kenya and New York City in November was less than $300 roundtrip, with no bag fees. Flights to Johannesburg, South Africa, from NYC were also slashed to $348, about one-third of the typical fare.      

mistake fare alert to Nairobi

3. New York City to Paris, Barcelona, or Madrid for $276

Regular price $850+

In September, Premium members were alerted to this mistake fare for travel November 2018 through March 2019 departing from NYC to three of the most popular cities in Europe with prices starting at $276 roundtrip (bags extra).

Member Samantha V. booked a trip for her husband’s birthday: “$303 from JFK. An amazing deal. You make me look like the best wife ever.” And for Dane C., it inspired a little spontaneity: “Just booked Paris from JFK for January on an impulse. Only $310 with travel insurance. I also managed to have a friend impulse-buy with me. 2019, here we come!”

2. London to Latin America in Business Class in the £400s-£600s

Regular Price: £2,000+

This mistake fare, sent to Premium members in September, was good for business class travel from LHR to more than a dozen cities in Latin America, including Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago, and Lima. A bonus: these flights were on new 787 Dreamliners.

1. San Francisco or Los Angeles to Asia in Business Class in the $500s/$600s

Regular price: $3,000+

In August, this amazing Business Class mistake fare went out to Premium members for roundtrip flights to Bali, Bangkok, Manila, or Shanghai for travel September 2018 through March 2019 in the $500s and $600s—an insanely low price for lie-flat seats and Champagne across the Pacific.

Member Traci G. nabbed the deal: “Just got back from Thailand on the deal of a lifetime, thanks to Scott's Cheap Flights! Last August, I got a Premium Membership alert about the mistake business class fares on Hong Kong airlines, and after 30 minutes of frantically trying different dates from LAX to Bangkok, I found the "magic" dates that changed the fare from about $6000 each to $600 each roundtrip. SCF Premium Membership is the best $39 I ever spent!"

Member Traci G enjoying first class thanks to a deal

Find out how you can snag flight deals like these and save up to 90% on travel with cheap flight alerts delivered to your inbox. And, if you’ve scored a great deal with Scott’s Cheap Flights, let us know!

Last Updated 
December 21, 2018
The 20 Best Cheap Flight Deals of 2018
Katie Hammel
Senior Content Marketing Manager

Katie has been to 30 countries, including multiple repeats to her favorite places: Iceland, France, Germany, and Argentina. She prefers markets to museums, hates cucumbers, and once slept the entire duration of an 8-hour flight. Originally from Detroit, she lived in Seattle and Chicago before settling in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and their two strange cats.

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