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Since 2015, Scott’s Cheap Flights has had one mission: to help travelers save money. What started as a simple email blast when Scott found a good deal is now a team of 35+ experts who make sure our two million members never overpay for flights. 

Our members save an average of $550 on international economy flights, $200 on domestic economy flights, and up to $2,000 on international business class flights—and while we think we’re the best at what we do, we know we have some competitors out there.  

Here’s how Scott’s Cheap Flights compares to Dollar Flight Club. 

What is Dollar Flight Club? What does Dollar Flight Club do?

Dollar Flight Club was founded in 2016 by Jesse Neugarten and lists 10 employees on its website. Dollar Flight Club is a subscription service that sends emails to members about cheap airfares.

Premium members choose up to four airports, and each email they receive lists all the airfare deals leaving from those airports (including mistake fares, when airlines accidentally offer tickets that are much cheaper than intended). Dollar Flight Club features both international and domestic fares in its email alerts.

The only fare class about which Premium members get alerts is economy—in order to see premium economy, business, and first class deals members have to upgrade to Premium Plus+. Dollar Flight Club only serves 30 airports in the U.S., though they have “Premium Membership Perks” that give members discounts on purchases with travel-related or travel-adjacent companies (like guidebooks, luggage, language learning, tours, and food subscription boxes).

How much does Dollar Flight Club cost?

Dollar Flight Club costs $69 per year for Premium and $99 per year for Premium Plus+. Among Scott's Cheap Flights and other sites like Next Vacay and Thrifty Traveler, it's one of the more expensive options for the entry-level paid membership.

Is Dollar Flight Club legit? Is it worth it?

Dollar Flight Club is a legitimate company. It has more than 30 reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, however, there are more than 70 complaints listed and an alert from the BBB about the “pattern of complaints.”

There are several blog reviews of Dollar Flight Club, and the reviews are mixed. While some loved the deals they got, others said they were charged for memberships that had been advertised as free, or that customer service is difficult to reach.

Canceling your Dollar Flight Club account

The free trial for Dollar Flight Club’s Premium plan is 14 days, and canceling within that time means you won’t be charged for an annual membership. If you cancel outside that time, however, you will be charged for an annual membership and those are non-refundable.

Renewals process automatically, as well, so in order to avoid being charged for a renewal you must cancel before the automatic renewal date.

How does Dollar Flight Club’s service compare to Scott’s Cheap Flights?

Scott’s Cheap Flights serves more than six times the number of airports as Dollar Flight Club—183 to their 30—which gives members a far better chance of finding deals from airports close to home. What’s more, you can receive alerts on deals from even more airports (as many as 10 airports for Premium members and unlimited airports for Elite members).

Not only is Scott’s Cheap Flights’ Premium membership ($49 per year) cheaper than Dollar Flight Club’s Premium membership, there’s a free version of Scott’s Cheap Flights (called Limited) that alerts recipients to a small sampling of international flight deals every month.

I've tried every airfare email list, website, and tracker out there and Scott's is far and away the best one. Other lists will inundate you with so many flights, many of which are only mediocre deals, that it can be hard to find the good ones. Scott's only sends out the top tier flight deals.” - Member Tyler F.

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Why should I join Scott’s Cheap Flights over Dollar Flight Club? 

On the whole, Scott’s Cheap Flights deals tend to be of higher quality: prices are lower, airlines are better, and we send our members deals to a wider variety of places. Perhaps most importantly, Dollar Flight Club only sends deals from 30 US airports, so a large portion of the country just isn’t covered by their service. 

What does Scott’s Cheap Flights do better than Dollar Flight Club? 

Is it rude of us to say “everything?” Sure, we may be a little biased, so we’ll let the reviews below speak for themselves and stick to the objective facts.

Higher standards, lower prices

Dollar Flight Club doesn’t exclude certain low-cost carriers like Spirit from its deals. We never send deals on Spirit because they generally don’t pass our Bestie Test (if it’s not a deal we’d send to our best friend, we don’t send it to members). 

We also have lower thresholds for our deal prices, which means Dollar Flight Club ends up sending deals that we wouldn’t send because the price is too high—LA to Hayden, Colorado for $401?! We personally vet each deal to make sure it truly deserves space in your inbox. 

Because if it’s not a truly great deal, what’s the point? 

See more of the world, for less

Dollar Flight Club also seems to rely more on automation rather than the judgment of a real human, which means they often send deals to places that SCF doesn’t—like places that have had extended State Department warnings due to violence. This lack of human oversight also means frequent "deals" to places within easy driving distance. For example, NYC often gets $350+ flights to Toronto or Montreal.

They frequently send deals to the same big name places. Of course, everyone wants to go to Paris and New York, but love to send deals to incredible, less-visited places as well, and we seek out creative open-jaw opportunities that can help members take unique road trips and multi-country adventures. 

You all have given me and my partner the priceless gift of making our international travel aspirations realistically attainable in our late 20s. Singapore? Doable. Cairo? Doable. Anywhere in the world now? Doable. And people have no idea." - Member John S.

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Scott’s Cheap Flights reviews compared to Dollar Flight Club reviews

We’re thrilled to have nearly 3,000 Facebook reviews of Scott’s Cheap Flights with a five-star average. 

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The bottom line

Dollar Flight Club sends a lot of deals, but not all of them deserve a spot in your inbox. Folks in a lot of cities aren’t covered, and a lot of the deals aren’t really deals. 

If you’d rather get the best of the best deals from airports all over the US, we hope you’ll give us a try! 

Published September 3, 2021. *All competitor details were accurate at the time of publishing. 

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