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At Scott’s Cheap Flights we do exactly what our name says. We help you find and book incredibly cheap airline tickets—on airlines you love (no bargain-basement airlines here) to places you want to go. 

Amsterdam for $305. Hawaii for $168. Tokyo for $202. NYC for $59. All roundtrip, with one stop or less. 

Those are real deals we’ve sent our members in the last year and they aren’t last-minute flights. Some of them are as far as 11 months out, so you can plan ahead. 

We use a combination of sophisticated technology and human Flight Experts who spend all day, every day comparing flight prices. When prices drop—whether it’s for a few hours or a few days—we’re the first to know, and we alert you immediately so you can snag  those cheap tickets before they’re gone. 

We find cheap tickets to popular destinations, around the world and in the US. Want cheap tickets to some bucket-list destinations like the Galapagos, Fiji, Rwanda, and the Faroe Islands? We can help with that, too. And we can save you money along the way. 

It’s simple. When you sign up, tell us which airports you’re able to fly from, and we’ll show you all the cheap tickets available from those airports at any given time. We even email the best deals directly to your inbox so you never miss a chance to score the deal of a lifetime. 

When you find a deal you want, you book it directly with the airline.

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How does Scott’s Cheap Flights work?

Step 1

Add your airports

Follow the airports you want to see deals from. We’ll even recommend airports that often have great deals to your favorite destinations.

Step 2

Watch your inbox

Our team of Flight Experts is constantly monitoring deals. As soon as one pops up from one of your airports, they’ll send the details straight to your inbox.

Step 3

Book incredible deals

With price details, booking links, and estimates on how long deals might last, all that’s left for you is to book the deal, pack a bag, and put up a pithy OOO message.

We do the hard
work for you

Every deal has passed the Bestie Test and been pre-vetted by Scott or one of our Flight Experts to ensure it's an amazing deal.

Fantastically low fares

Most deals are 40-90% off normal prices. If it's not an amazing deal, we won't send it. Period.

Great itineraries

Most deals are for non-stop or single-stop flights with short layovers.

Highly-rated airlines

We don’t believe in sacrificing comfort for cost, so we only share deals from the best airlines.

How to find cheap tickets like a pro

While there are dozens of search sites for finding cheap tickets, Google Flights is our favorite because it offers the most tools and features to help you quickly search for flights and find the cheapest tickets. 

If you’re more comfortable with one of the other search sites, use the one you prefer. Or if you prefer to book with a site where you can earn booking rewards, start with Google Flights to see all your options and then move over to the other site once you’ve chosen your flight and are ready to book. 

No matter where you do your searching, the same best practices for finding cheap tickets apply. 

  1. Be as flexible as possible. The more narrow your search, the fewer your options and the lower your chances of snagging a cheap ticket. If you can be flexible on the days you fly, the airlines, and the length of your trip, you can increase your chances of snagging a great deal. 
  2. Focus on getting across the ocean as cheaply as possible. You’re probably wondering why you’d be flexible on where you’re going. If you want to go to Amsterdam, you want to go to Amsterdam. But what if it was $200 cheaper to fly to Paris, which is just a few hours from Amsterdam by train? When you’re flying long haul internationally, take a look at options near your final destination. It may be cheaper to fly there and then connect to where you want to end up. 
  3. Book during the Goldilocks Window—not too far in advance and not too late. The best deals are usually found 1-3 months in advance for domestic flights and 2-8 months in advance for international tickets. 
  4. Act fast. When airlines drop prices, they don’t usually do it for long. If you want to snag a cheap ticket, you have to move quickly. Sometimes the price rises within hours, or even minutes. Not sure if you can get the time off work? The 24-hour rule can help. This US DOT regulation says airlines have to offer you the chance to hold your fare, or to get a cash refund within 24 hours of booking (and most airlines choose the latter). This means you can book and then figure out your plans. If it won’t work, you can cancel within 24 hours and get a full refund.

Below check out our guides to finding cheap tickets with your OTA or flight search engine of choice. 

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Become a cheap ticket expert

We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to the tricks and tools we use to find our members the cheapest tickets to anywhere around the world. In fact, we have a whole slew of guides to help our members find the cheapest tickets every time, even if it’s not a Scott’s Cheap Flights deal. 

Traveling like a cheap ticket expert means you’ll never overpay for flights again, whether you’re booking a deal the team at Scott’s Cheap Flights found, or hunting for cheap tickets on your own. 

And if you don’t have the time or don’t want to spend hours searching for flights everyday,  let us do the work for you. We might even find you some deals to places you’ve never considered. 

How about the Republic of Georgia for $500 roundtrip? St. Lucia for $250 roundtrip? Or Big Bend National Park for $180 roundtrip?

We even find amazing deals on tickets in premium economy, business, and first class, like $1,800 roundtrip to Italy in business class, or $595 roundtrip to France in premium economy. 

Whatever it may be, don’t let the next great deal pass you by. Sign up now.

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Cheap tickets to popular destinations 

Our Flight Experts search for flights to thousands of popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations around the world. Here are some stats about cheap tickets we’ve found to popular destinations. 

Cheap tickets to Florida: We’ve found our members cheap tickets to airports all over Florida, including Miami (MIA), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Key West (EYW), Fort Myers (RSW), Tampa (TPA), Jacksonville (JAX), and Orlando (MCO). The cheapest flight price we’ve found to Miami was $61 roundtrip. 

Cheap tickets to Las Vegas: The cheapest flight we’ve found to Las Vegas so far was $39 roundtrip and the average price of all deals we’ve found has been $76.  

Cheap tickets to Hawaii: We send our members alerts about cheap tickets to the Hawaiian islands of Maui, Hawaii (Big Island), Oahu, and Kauai. The cheapest flight we’ve ever found to Honolulu on Oahu was $138 roundtrip, and we frequently find deals under $200 roundtrip from the West Coast. 

Cheap tickets to California: We’ve found our members cheap tickets to airports all over California including San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJC), Sacramento (SMF), Los Angeles (LAX), and Santa Rosa (STA). The cheapest flight price we’ve found to San Francisco was $20 roundtrip and the average fare was $86. 

Cheap tickets to Atlanta: The cheapest ticket to Atlanta we have alerted our members to was $75. The average fare we have found to ATL is $146 roundtrip. 

Cheap tickets to Puerto Rico: We frequently find amazingly cheap flights to San Juan (SJU) under $200 roundtrip. The lowest fare we’ve ever found was $23 roundtrip from Boston, while the average is $158 roundtrip. 

Cheap tickets to international destinations

We search for and find both cheap international tickets and great fares to domestic destinations in the US. Here are some of the best discounted international tickets we’ve found. 

Cheap tickets to Jamaica: The average cheap ticket price found by Scott’s Cheap Flights for a trip to Jamaica is in the $200s. The lowest priced fare we’ve found was $120 roundtrip.  

Cheap tickets to Bali: Cheap tickets to Bali are on the rare side but we’ve found deals from West Coast airports like LAX for under $500. The cheapest ticket we’ve found for our members to Denpasar (DPS) in Bali was $440 roundtrip. 

Cheap tickets to Maldives: Cheap tickets to the Maldives are even more rare as these flights can typically cost $1,200 or more roundtrip, but we still find amazing deals. The lowest fare we’ve previously found was $571 roundtrip. 

Cheap tickets to France: It’s much easier for us to find cheap tickets to France and we frequently see prices from cities all over the US to France for under $300. Along with Paris, we look for cheap tickets to Lyon (LYS), Bordeaux (BOD), Nice (NCE), and more. The cheapest roundtrip fare we’ve ever seen to Paris was $252. 

Cheap tickets to Italy: Cheap tickets to Italy are also thankfully pretty common, with frequent deals under $300 to cities including Milan (MXP), Rome (FCO), Venice (VCE), and Florence (FLR). The cheapest fare we’ve seen to Rome was $239. 

Cheap tickets to Mexico: We find cheap tickets to cities all over Mexico from Mexico City (MEX) to Cancún (CUN), to Oaxaca (OAX). We typically find cheap flights to Mexico city in the $200s and fares to Cancún in the $100s. 

Cheap tickets to Japan: We search for and find cheap flights to several spots in Japan, including Tokyo (NRT and HND), Osaka (ITM), and Sapporo (CTS). The cheapest ticket we’ve ever found to Japan was $202 roundtrip to Tokyo. 

Cheap tickets on popular airlines 

Cheap tickets on American Airlines: American Airlines is one of the main US legacy carriers operating flights to/from and within the United States, and many of the deals we send our members are on AA or one of its partners like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, or Qantas. In 2021, we sent our members alerts for more than 1,000 cheap tickets available on American Airlines. 

Cheap tickets on Delta: Delta Air Lines is another of the major US carriers and we find many deals on Delta and its partners. Delta serves more than 300 destinations in 50 countries, and its main hub is Atlanta. In 2021, we found more than 900 deals available on Delta. 

Cheap tickets on Southwest: Southwest is known as a low-cost carrier, as that’s how it got its start, but today it offers service comparable to American, United, and Delta, but often with lower total travel costs since Southwest offers two free checked bags and their open-seating policy means no seat selection fees. Because Southwest has a smaller route network than the other major carriers, we found fewer cheap tickets on Southwest, but in 2021 we still found 200+ deals for our members on Southwest. 

Cheap tickets on United: United rounds out the trifecta of major US carriers and flies to 200+ places in the US and more than 100 international spots. In 2021, we found more than 1,100 cheap tickets on United (and its partner airlines) for our members. 

Cheap business and first class tickets 

Cheap international first class tickets: After launching our Elite service in mid-2021, we’ve already sent our members hundreds of alerts about cheap international first class tickets, like $3,400 to the UK, $2,600 to India, or $2,500 to Brazil. 

Cheap domestic first class tickets: We also found hundreds of cheap domestic first class tickets to spots all over the US, including national parks, beaches, and cities big and small, with many of the fares under $400 roundtrip. 

Cheap business class tickets: Cheap business class tickets from Scott’s Cheap Flights can save you up to $2,000 on an international flight. We’ve previously found our members roundtrip business class deals like $2,200 to France, $2,900 to Thailand, and $1,500 to Patagonia in comfy lie-flat seats. 

Cheap international premium economy tickets: International premium economy is a good compromise between business class and economy, with better seats than economy but lower prices than business class. We’ve sent our members alerts for cheap premium economy class tickets like $1,200 to Kenya, $595 to Europe, and $1,100 to Bali. 

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